Call for Papers

The RFI 2019 workshop will once again provide an opportunity for the scientific community affected by Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) to meet, report and discuss recent achievements and developments in instrumentation, methodology, and applications in tackling this problem. The Call for Papers is available here. Abstract submissions are invited on the following topics:

  • Defining and quantifying RFI  

  • Spectrum management and frequency allocations processes  

  • Items of interest for researchers in the Agendas of WRC 2019 and 2023 

  • RFI spectrum monitoring from space for the bands used for science  

  • Radio Quiet Zones and electromagnetic interference  

  • SETI: separating terrestrial and extra-terrestrial transmissions 

  • RFI in passive and active remote sensing from space 

  • RFI in GNSS-R and signal of opportunity missions  

  • Interference in scientific RF Telemetry 

  • Mono and multi antenna signal processing 

  • RFI detection and prediction techniques, including Artificial Intelligence 

  • Flagging and excision techniques 

  • Pre- and post-correlation techniques 

  • Real-time implementation of RFI management in radio astronomy 

  • RFI monitoring and classification, and RFI databases 

  • Future sources of RFI 

  • Turning RFI into opportunities 

  • RFI detection techniques in telecommunications and their applicability to radio astronomy and remote sensing  

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