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Toulouse is accessible by car, train or airplane.




Four main motoways lead to Toulouse, i.e., A61, A62, A64 and A68. Note that a toll usually needs to be paid in order to use these roads. Driving time is approximately 3 hours from Bordeaux, and 4.5 hours from Barcelona or Marseille.




The main railway station, Toulouse Matabiau, is linked to all major cities in France. TGV service is available from Paris, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Marseille and Barcelona. Taxis, Metro Line A, the main long distance coach station (gare routière) and several local bus lines and bike rentals are accessible from this station.




The Toulouse Blagnac airport is only approximately 7 km northwest of the city center in the town of Blagnac. Several options are available to reach the Toulouse city centre:


Taxis taking approximately 30 minutes and costing between €25 and €40 depending on time of the day, traffic conditions, etc.


Shuttle bus (Navette Tisseo), that runs between the airport and Toulouse Matabiau railway station every 20 minutes, with two other stops (Compans Cafarelli, Jeanne d'Arc) in the city centre; it costs €8 one-way and the ticket includes metro or tram transfers,The Compans Cafarelli, Jeanne d'Arc stops connect to metro line B and the railway station stop to metro line A. This is probably the fastest way to get into the city centre by public transportation- outside peak hours. It takes about 20 minutes and the timetable is available here.


Tram line T2, that offers a cheaper alternative at only €1.70 including metro or bus transfers to Arènes (21 minutes, with connection with metro line A) and Palais de Justice at and line B at Palais de Justice (32 minutes, with connection with metro line B) (metro map here). It takes longer than the shuttle bus on average but it is faster during peak rush hours. Timetable and map are available on the Tisseo website.



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