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The RFI 2019 Workshop will be held at CLS (Collect Localisation Satellites) in Ramonville Saint-Agne, a municipality in the southeast inner suburbs of Toulouse. The address of the venue is:

11, rue Hermès
Parc Technologique du Canal
31520 Ramonville Saint-Agne









The workshop venue can be reached by car, bicycle or public transportation.


By Car

First head outside the city to the Toulouse beltway ("Périphérique"). From there, take exit 19, towards Ramonville, then follow the signs to "Parc Technologique du Canal". Note that driving is not recommended due to heavy traffic at peak rush hours.


By Bicycle

An excellent way to reach CLS is by bicycle, simply following the cycling path alongside Canal du Midi. The distance from the city center to CLS is approximately 8 km and can be covered in less than half an hour. The route from the Capitole to CLS can be found here. Several bicycle sharing and rental systems are available in Toulouse. However, note that Vélô Toulouse has no bike stations near CLS., and that better options would be the dockless system Indigo or tailored rentals. The French railway system also offers bike renting.


By Public Transportation

Toulouse has a good public transportation system relying on bus (including the airport shuttle), tram and metro. All the information can be found here, including a useful trip planner. An interactive map is also available (in French only). Tickets for a single trip cost €1.70 if bought individually, but €2.00 if purchased at the last minute directly on a bus, and there is the option of getting 10 tickets for €13.70, see here for further details. Each ticket includes up to three connections within 1 hour from the first time the ticket is validated.) re-validation is necessary at each transfer. Specifically to reach CLS, the recommended way is to take Metro B to the end of the line ("Station Ramonville") then catch bus N111 to the "Hermes" stop. The bus schedule and map can be dowloaded from here.

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